If you are preparing for any competitive exam, then do pre-preparation in this way?

If you are preparing for any competitive exam, then do pre-preparation in this way?

A tall building cannot be constructed on a weak base. Similarly, to succeed in competitive exams, the base of the candidate should also be strong. Here are some tips, if used properly, the candidate can get a high job with very little effort.

[1] Change your thinking

The candidate should increase his usefulness.

This is the 21st century. Being useless to the candidate will not do. The way rapid changes are being brought in the syllabus and question types of competitive examinations, it becomes clear that officers are now being searched according to the new requirements.

Cultivate the habit of keeping your mind balanced even in difficult situations. Always remain optimistic in every difficult situation.

Towards solving the problems of the society. Keep your thinking positive. Don’t make excuses for problems. Keep thinking that there is a solution to every problem.

[2] Keep a proper routine –

Keep your routine well planned. While planning your daily routine, keep in mind that you are conscious of maintaining your own health. Make certain parts of the routine rigorous. Discipline yourself Discipline yourself in such a way that habits last a lifetime.

(3) Cultivate the habit of learning every moment.

Keep yourself a lifelong student. Compulsorily read one book every month. Remove notes. Along with this, study the selected books properly for competitive exams.

(4) Don’t boast of being knowledgeable.

Don’t be arrogant, otherwise you will remain ignorant. and will become useless.

(5) Make your routine perfect and fruitful.

Waking up before 4 in the morning, practicing yoga, exercising, reading newspapers and magazines. Essentially value a good routine. Must write notes and diary daily.

(5) What should be read before starting the preparation for competitive examination?

Make yourself competent in oral and written maths. Practice mathematical operations up to class 10th closely.

Assess the map of your district, state, country and world properly. Make yourself a map expert.

Read and understand the Constitution of India properly and remember it.

Understand the grammar and usage of native languages ​​like English, Hindi and your regional language properly.

Assess the general knowledge of the country and abroad properly.

In this way, only after making a general base, make the foundation of the competitive exam and only then start the main preparation.

(6) Whatever you read, read it properly and with understanding. Don’t read just to read.

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